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Tucanoo Solutions Ltd has been working with the Grails framework since version 1.x and has completed many projects, including new, upgrades and conversion projects.

We are massive advocates of Grails, in fact, it’s our go-to solution when we need to not only rapidly build a prototype or proof of concept, but also follow through to a production-ready final solution because we know its in’s and out’s, and it allows us to focus more on the business requirements while harnessing the industry-standard and time tested libraries delivered through the framework.

Services We Offer

Grails System Architecture and Design
GORM Data modeling and design
Upgrades to a later Grails version
Testing with JUnit or Spock
CI Build Configuration
Deployment whether on-site, cloud, etc
Debugging and QA
UI/UX with GSP Groovy Server Pages and JS frameworks
Grails Performance Optimisation/Tuning
Security Architecture
Spring Boot / Gradle Configuration
Legacy Application Migration to Web/Cloud

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