Website Design

Did you know… Most prospective customers spend just 40 short seconds on a web page before clicking away?

But don’t take our word for it. These latest stats come from ComScore, undisputed leaders in measuring people’s behaviour in the digital world. Before hiring any web design company, you must consider whether they truly understand the science behind getting visitors to stay on the page like our team at Tucanoo does.

Here are a few smart questions to ask:

Website Design Examples

1. Can I immediately figure out this site’s main goal?

No matter how attractive a site might look, it has just 40 seconds to get visitors to the message. Clutter and distractions can quickly stand in the way. Each element of the site needs to align to its main purpose, whether that’s convincing someone to purchase or to leave their contact information for email list building.

Our Website design team at Tucanoo has spent decades studying the science of keeping viewers on a page using smart, clean design and clear calls to action. Why not gain by our years of experience?

2. Next, does this site’s design mirror the industry?

Your Website design must reflect your brand and your offer. A Web page selling an educational product about ways to make money at home should look vastly different from a professional firm’s site.

Why? Long, rambling copy perfectly suits the type of consumer that begs persuasion to purchase; it certainly would never work for those doing a quick search for a professional firm to perform a service. Our Tucanoo team understands the difference; whatever your niche or needs, we guarantee a well-matched solution

3. Do visitors know where to click right away?

Time spent searching is time wasted. Your prospective customers need to know intuitively where to go to find what they need. From information-gathering to making a purchasing decision, directing prospects through your site with ease means careful planning on the back end.

At Tucanoo, we understand the power of top-notch copy, compelling graphics, clear calls to action and “clickable” links that move your prospects easily through the buying or conversion process.

4. Would this cost me an arm and a leg?

It certainly could, if you fall prey to Website designers who offer you services you don’t need by using jargon to pad their quotes. When you’re unsure of their meaning, abbreviations and acronyms can seem like a minefield. At Tucanoo we don’t believe lack of understanding should prevent you from getting a perfect Web site at a fair price. If you don’t understand something you read on our site, call us. We’ll gladly explain any terms without making you feel obliged to buy. Contact us, and we’ll help cut through the jargon and get you the answers you deserve.

Your Choices

Static Website Design

Want a static(non-changing) small site without all the bells and whistles? We can showcase your basic business details and products and provide a simple contact form for prospects to reach you. Expect the same high design quality as our other Websites at a price you can afford.

CMS (Content Management System) Design

A CMS provides you with a dedicated login page from which you can add to and edit the content that makes up your website. If you have sections which undergo frequent change or wish to continually add content to your website (great for search rankings) then a CMS is a great option. Still not sure whether CMS is right for you? Contact us, and one of our friendly team will help you decide.

E-Commerce Design

E-Commerce really just means ‘online store.’ If you have a product catalogue and wish to manage and sell items online, we will customise your E-Commerce site perfectly to your business requirements. There’s more to it than just payment processing; our smartly designed E-Commerce sites allow you to showcase products to customers, offer compelling coupons, manage shipping methods and costs, and tie in your catalogue with other shopping channels such as Google Shopping and Amazon – even Facebook!

Social Media Page Design

Today’s buyers demand the trust that only relationship-building offers. Before purchasing, they seek social proof of your company through reading reviews and recommendations by friends. Want to drive more traffic to your site? There’s no way around it but to reach your hungry market through social media channels. We design Facebook, Google + and Twitter pages that all match your brand and link back to your website to boost traffic.

Custom Newsletters that Get Results

Regularly contacting your customers or subscribers is a powerful way to create follow up business. Use our established and effective methods to reach them over and over with your message and special offers. We design and manage smart email campaigns using branded designs and compelling subject lines to maximize open rates. Put our experience to work for you.