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Fancy some well-deserved kudos for hiring the right web application development team at the right price?

Ask yourself these 3 essential questions:

Web Application on an iMac1.Are these ambitious young upstarts or mature web application developers who read between the lines, “get” my requirements, and have a solid plan to execute?

Here at Tucanoo Solutions Ltd, we’re no spring chickens. Since 1995, we’ve assisted hundreds of clients worldwide with their web based internet and intranet applications – from the U.S. Army and New York law offices to digital mapping companies in Dubai and Egypt. But whether your project’s humble or humongous, we treat it with the same respect. Here’s how: We put ourselves in your shoes.

In order to develop the workflow system software that will get your job done at a price you can afford, we look ahead and envision what users must do to accomplish their job right the first time. Unlike our exuberant, youthful competitors, maturity and experience enable us to identify both bold and subtle ways to simplify and coordinate employee tasks. These can shave off time and reduce the potential for costly headaches that human errors often cause, impacting your company’s bottom line.

2. Will this web application development team understand my company’s unique needs?

When you’re trying to overcome one-of-a-kind challenges, the last thing you want is a cookie-cutter approach. At Tucanoo Solutions, Ltd., we’re eager to hear your ideas, and we ask and answer questions in plain, “non-geeky” language until we’ve got a clear picture of your specific requirements. Having trouble describing the scope of your project? Don’t worry. Our experienced web-app developers can help you precisely express your workflow needs. We’ll even read “between-the-lines” in order to suggest solutions you may not have thought of that can save your company time, money and hassle.

Early on, we set concise, measurable milestones to ensure your project’s on target and on time. You’ll get to sit back and relax…but you can always monitor the project’s progress with our easy-to-use software that tracks features and changes and provides a simple, no-nonsense platform for you to share information and ideas.

We’ll send updates at a frequency to keep you up to speed but not overwhelm you, but please…call us with your ideas and questions. You’ll never wait on hold to speak to some remote call centre operator; instead, you’ll reach a dedicated, knowledgeable human being who cares about your company and its needs. Bank on it.

3. Do they obscure facts with “geek-speak” to pad their own pockets?

Ever tried to communicate in an industry whose language sounds familiar but whose services can seem shrouded in mystery because you don’t understand the processes they use to convey them? Let’s face it; in every business and non-profit sector, we use code words to keep communications simple among the ranks. But that sometimes works against us. It’s easy to get burned by a web application development company that masks un-necessary charges with unfamiliar jargon to fool you into paying higher prices or worse – for services you don’t even need.

At Tucanoo Solutions, Ltd. we understand the harsh budget realities companies face in today’s cut-throat market. That’s why we’ll never charge you for cake, when a plain loaf of bread will do. We guarantee reasonable solutions at a fair and realistic price. Ready to learn more? Contact us today for your free consultation.

What You Can Expect

Web Application Development Lifecycle

Our Technology

We now develop the majority of our web applications using Oracle’s industry standard Java 2 Enterprise Edition (Java J2EE). What is Java J2EE exactly? Basically, it is software that people like us use to develop unique software for companies like yours. It helps us help you to organize complex, industry-specific tasks – for example, workflow systems that work with and for you to maximize efficiency and increase profits.

We also use a powerful Java web application framework called Grails. Grails enables us to reduce time spent in Java coding because we can now use a lean, simple computer language called “Groovy” to vastly increase our productivity on your behalf.  Industries who used Java’s Spring and Hibernate libraries to maintain mission-critical systems for health, banking and finance embraced Grail’s simplicity early on, to great financial benefit. Now, other large organisations like Sky have jumped onboard, too. You don’t need to understand “Groovy” to appreciate how the savings we pass along can improve your company’s bottom line though, right?

Contact Us today to tell us your company workflow needs. Let’s get a dialog going!

Tucanoo Solutions Ltd strongly backs the Grails framework and as a result  manage our own online community of Grails Developers at Grails Forum.

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