Mobile App Development

Have a mobile application you’d like to develop? Whether your idea is for an app to better connect you with your customers, a time-saving tool or an enterprise application, if you can dream it, we can help you build it.

Since 1995, we’ve built and delivered hundreds of mobile applications for customers with great ideas who needed support to execute them. Now, as sales of smartphone and tablet technologies explode, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your ability to reach a hungry audience or solve complex business challenges.

How we began…

Our early forays into the mobile app development world involved developing the first digital maps of Egypt as well as asset-tracking systems for the military. Back then, mobile technology showed promise yet still had some way to go, compared with today’s capabilities. Truthfully, we sometimes cussed unreliable and slow GPS locations or the amount of energy they seemed to gobble up. If a device had great location services, it never failed that a downright shabby camera or inferior Wi-Fi capability failed to meet demand. Thank goodness, we’ve kissed those days goodbye!
Today, we’ve reached a point where the power and capabilities of mobile devices have exploded. If a developer can pinpoint a common problem or locate a niche audience hungry for entertainment, the sky’s the limit when it comes to providing solutions.

That’s where you come in. If you have an idea for a mobile app or custom function for a new or existing business application using Smartphone, tablet or touch screen, we can help you deliver.

We currently develop both Android and iPhone/iPad (iOS) applications large and small. We provide simple utility apps like legal calculators for lawyers and accountants to larger secure systems that utilise a device’s full capabilities, including GPS location based services (LBS), camera, signature capture, sever side data synchronisation, barcode scanners and more.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get going? Contact us  today to share your idea with us.  We’ll tell you upfront if we can build it within your means.

And Shhh!
It goes without saying we won’t tell a soul what you have up your sleeve!

Android iOS (iphones/ipads)

What You Can Expect

mobile app development lifecycle

Once we understand your needs fully, Tucanoo hits the deck running to identify all your application’s necessary functions. Before we begin development, we design mock-ups of each screen and explain to you how these express the functions you’ve described.

In addition, we anticipate any potential “snags” and additional features your application may require. We may suggest alternative strategies to make your idea more efficient and intuitive for the end user.

Here at Tucanoo Solutions, we want you to try out your application as soon as possible. Inexperienced designers may charge you top dollar to create a fancy user interface (U.I.) right from the get go. Instead, we focus on getting your product in your hands for beta testing early on to find out what users like and what they don’t.

Making smart use of native controls, whether Android or IOS, enables you to test functionality quickly without spending a bundle on bells and whistles and to make changes “on the fly.” You’ll have all the bells and whistles you want of course, once you’ve made any changes and feel satisfied the design works the way you envision.

Once we both fully test your functional application, our design team goes to work making the user interface as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Finally, our skilled graphic designers will apply the finishing touches to reflect your brand and impress your users.

If you intend to release your application for a public audience, relax. We can advise and assist you with getting your app to market.
\Whether Android or IOS, Smartphone or tablet, we will gladly publish the application on your behalf. We can also advise you on how to set up accounts with Google Play for the Android market or Apple’s iTunes store. We’ll even take care of updates and maintenance.

Need help marketing your app? No problem.

Leverage Tucanoo Solutions’ many years of marketing experience to your advantage. We can build a dedicated website or landing page to describe and showcase your application to your most relevant audience then promote it through today’s exciting social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Ready to begin? Contact us today to get your mobile app moving from idea to reality!