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The days of the static business website may be numbered as more and more businesses opt for a website using a CMS (content management system). Systems such as WordPress, Joomla and others are rapidly growing in popularity. What is it that makes CMS websites so much more attractive than conventional static websites? First lets look how Wikipedia define CMS and then cover the advantages provided by such a system.

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With the extremely rapid rapid application development benefits provided by Grails,  It can be tempting to feel you have learned nearly everything you need to know by the time you’ve got your first web app up linked to a database with full CRUD facilities and error handling ready.  I’m sure you were as impressed with the speed of development as I was when I created my first Grails app.

At such a point it can be very tempting to just rush straight into your next project,  however you absolutely must continue your learning path and look over the excellent documentation  otherwise you be will missing out on some of the finer features provided by Grails and the Groovy language.

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